Red Axed Dragon

The Dragon Lair

The Dragon Lair refers to the group of physical studios of JH.W (A.R.B) on the earth, the prime is his bedroom... The cavern is crucial, sacred and inviolable for him, where the place is constant temperature, constant humidity, constant pressure, sound insulation, dust-free and sterile. Also, I do really hope I can have a deep underneath facility, even the light of the sun is controllable. This page demonstrated my loyal friend, who accompany me through night after night.

The Prime Cavern

This Cavern is a deluxe room(haha~), designed with 3D Stacking Technology, with this technology it is easy to fit more than 5 unit computers and servers. The current location is a tiny datacenter that is designed to store more than 500 TB of data and its physical disks, which is my private cloud base currently constituted with 4 Unit Local Server Cluster, 4 Internet Distributed Nodes and are also used for the Sauron Project.

This Cavern is full of sensors and makes the crucial metrics controllable, just like temperature, and humidity they can fix into (27℃, 60%). Also, the brightness can fix into (50 ~ 400 Lx, 4000K ~ 5500K), and the 60W UV Sterilization makes the room safe and clean.

The Handicraft Monitor. Which is designed with DELL G3 AB-Chassis (The LCD part.), because the old LCD has one dead pixel (f**k DELL), so I can't accept it, and I revised and reprogrammed it to this little buddy, fully supported HDMI, and it is really tiny.

The Biochemical Reagent Layer. Just some biological 'sensors' and use them for my biochemical metrics surveillance. Like some Blood Component Biochemical Strips, Chemical Urinalysis Strips, and other reagents and medicines, all of them are used for sampling and surveillance and make my body's condition become the white box, so I can just like I have the root or administrative privileges of myself, else how can I know what those biologic algorithm has done. It is important to catch those tiny exceptions in advance while even your body can't be explicitly caught. All those metrics are crucial to sophisticated adjust diet, supplement, and even sleep.

Tota Lex est, fac quod volo. Solitudo est ultima destinatio.
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